About Us

Lewiston Elementary School is a single school district located in the beautiful and historic village of Lewiston in eastern Trinity County.  It serves approximately 50 students in grades K-8.  The school employs five full-time certificated teachers, which includes two intervention teachers and a special education teacher.  An instructional assistant assists each classroom teacher.  Two bus drivers, secretaries, a cook, custodian, superintendent/principal and a maintenance person support the instructional program.  Lewiston also supports a phenomenal after-school program in partnership with a music program funded by the Ellie Driskell endowment for Lewiston youth.  This program supports instrument instruction, homework help, a variety of intramural sports, and other enrichment opportunities.  Welcome to our school website!

Vision Statement for Lewiston Elementary School

  • Create a joy for learning that is life-long
  • Create a safe and successful environment for learning
  • Inspire students to learn through self-expression and discovery
  • Provide a focused instructional program that insures that each student meets or exceeds adopted CA standards
  • Develop attitudes that are caring and respectful towards self and community
  • Nurture a sense of responsibility to teach and to learn
  • Build an appreciation of nature and the arts
  • Prepare students to excel in high school and life
  • Maintain cutting edge technology
  • Enjoy learning int he present and to prepare for the future

Ca School Dashboard

No longer relying on a single number or just on test scores, California has created a new accountability system for schools and districts that includes multiple measures. For more information, click here to watch this video and click here see the letter to parents.


Lewiston Elementary School District  *  685 Lewiston Rd * Lewiston *CA *  96052

Phone (530) 778-3984 * FAX (530) 778-3103