School News

October 12, 2020
No School for students. Teachers have a regular school day. 


Parent Resources

Welcome Lewiston parents!  Here you will find important links to further enhance your child's education.


Common Core State Standards - What you need to know!!

Common Core State Standards for Math

Common Core State Standards for ELA

Get involved in your school!  (Contact the office for more details)

Math Tutoring Website

Math Tutoring for upper grades


Upcoming Events

14 Dec 2020
04:00PM -
Board Meeting
25 Jan 2021
04:00PM -
Board Meeting
22 Feb 2021
04:00PM -
Board Meeting

Ca School Dashboard

No longer relying on a single number or just on test scores, California has created a new accountability system for schools and districts that includes multiple measures. For more information, click here to watch this video and click here see the letter to parents.


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