Letter from the Superintendent

As superintendent/principal of Lewiston Elementary School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website.  Lewiston Elementary is a preschool through eighth grade with an enrollment of approximately 50 students.

As an educational team, we at Lewiston Elementary are dedicated to academic excellence and holding high expectations to ensure that each and every student will be successful learners.  We are committed to creating a safe and positive environment where staff and students promote and model responsible, respectful behavior in order to provide each student the best learning opportunity.  To reach this goal, Lewiston Elementary is dedicated to providing the necessary programs to help students meet their greatest potential.  We offer intervention programs to help students who are below grade level.  We progress monitor students on a regular basis to ensure that students are making adequate academic growth.  We also provide extended studies and opportunities for our high performing students. 

Along with academic excellence, Lewiston Elementary is also committed to the social and emotional needs of our students.  Weekly assemblies are held to teach, promote, encourage and recognize positive student behaviors. 

Lewiston Elementary recognizes that the world is changing around us daily and that technology is a huge part of that.  Therefore, we strive to engage students through the use of various means of technology.  We offer many software programs that advance academic growth in reading, math, and science and are woven in to everyday instruction.  Classroom teachers use an interactive whiteboard and document camera for teaching daily lessons.  These whiteboards and cameras allow students to participate in the lesson through interactive activities.

It is our belief that strong community-school relationships are essential to high academic achievement.  Find any successful school and you will also find parents and community members that are involved and supportive of the school.  We actively invite parents and community members to volunteer in classrooms or around campus, assist on fieldtrips, and help at school events.  Please check with your teacher for volunteer opportunities.

My priority is to ensure that all Lewiston students receive the best education possible.  Every decision I make will be in each student’s best interest.  I maintain an open door policy in which I welcome everyone to call or drop by and visit at any time.

I look forward to meeting you all this school year and getting to know your children. 


Tim Nordstrom

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